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  • The Mutiny Chronograph watch starts at £4,475 (£3,730 excluding UK VAT). A deposit of £500 will secure your order in the next limited production run in May 2018.

    Unmistakably Meerson. The lines of the Mutiny Chronograph are clean, organic and orb-like. They are evocative of a talisman, a small stone made smooth and round by the relentless action of the elements. The watch’s characteristic wire-type lugs are gently tapered and curved, as the use of contrasting metal finishes enhances the streamlined and elegant form.

    On the wrist, the Mutiny is supremely comfortable, and at 40mm, its’ diameter is ideal. The arched case-back, the reassuring weight, and the refined bespoke straps are instrumental in creating a perfectly balanced timepiece. This exclusive Meerson watch offers the most value and advanced level of customisation for a fine mechanical watch at the price point of a mass-produced watch. Meerson’s Mutiny Chronograph is a British Luxury watch manufactured by the best artisans in Switzerland.

  • The Mutiny Chronograph is the most bespoke high-end watch and in a league of its own. Place your order and receive an invitation to begin your MUTINY’s customisation and experience Meerson’s exceptional bespoke service. Meerson ambassadors sit down with each owner to design their personal luxury watch. Every detail can be personalised: from the colour or design of the dial, to the hands, the case and of course the made-to-measure strap. Like all Meerson luxury watches, the Mutiny Chronograph is entirely crafted in Switzerland by our artisans, using the most traditional techniques and the best tools of the trade: their hands.

  • The Mutiny Chronograph case exudes British cool: Made of stainless steel, with bespoke finishing, engraving and polishing. The Crown is engraved with the Meerson signature, evocative of the brand’s Mandala. The pushers are finely detailed. The case diameter is of 40 mm to sit perfectly balanced on any wrist, masculine or feminine. The Sapphire crystal receives an anti-glare treatment. The watch is water resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters).

    Dial and hands are also fully bespoke: The multi-function and contrasted dial can be either painted, varnished or galvanised. The hands too can be made in the owner’s colour of choice.

    Movement and functions: AM-0788 Self-winding mechanical movement, with 48 hours power reserve. Functions: Day, date, Hour, Minute, Seconds and Chronograph

    Strap: The base mutiny is delivered with a calf-skin strap, with a Meerson ardillon buckle. Upon request, a made to measure strap can be manufactured in virtually any fabric or leather.

    Please find the full specification of what is included in the base price of the Mutiny Chronograph on the main product page below.

    The Mutiny Chronograph is entirely manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. It is sold with a 5-Year limited guarantee. Meerson’s Mutiny Chronograph is a British Luxury watch manufactured by the best artisans in Switzerland.

  • The Mutiny Chronograph watch starts at £4,475 (£3,730 excluding UK tax). A deposit of £500 will secure your order in the next limited production run. For all orders placed in the UK, your deposit includes VAT. Please ensure you provide an address that is situated in the country you wish to receive your Mutiny in during checkout, so that your tax can be calculated correctly.

    Once the design of your watch is completed with our brand ambassadors, and 4 weeks prior to manufacturing, you will receive the notification to pay the balance of the price of your timepiece. This balance will include any applicable duties, taxes, shipping costs and optional services or modifications you may have required during the personalisation process (see indicative option price list below). Meerson’s Mutiny Chronograph is a British Luxury watch manufactured by the best artisans in Switzerland.



Each timepiece is individually numbered and enters the MEERSON Register where its full history can be traced. It will also remain a very exclusive watch – the brand will control production tightly and limit the quantity of units to produce for each annual production runs. Our manufacturing capability is currently set up to produce 3 watches a day. This will ramp up to 6 from 2018 - a very exclusive owner's club.

Before it arrives on your wrist, it will take a few weeks to build your Mutiny - you will be kept abreast of the manufacturing process and even be invited to see the final assembly live over the internet. The experience does not end with the delivery of the watch. Ownership means much more:

5 Year limited guarantee: The Owners of all 2017 Mutiny Chronographs will receive a new bespoke strap one year after purchase. Ongoing modifications and upgrades are possible even years after purchase – to change your dial or revive the watch’s polishing for example.  





Whatever your inspiration, our team will strive to make your Mutiny Chronograph unique and exactly how you dream it. Please find the personalisation package options below. Of course, you do not need to impose every customisation each package includes on your watch, and you can select as many packages as you want, to achieve the watch you desire. (excluding UK tax)

Package 1 - £500

Package 2 - £750

Package 3 - £1000

Package 4 - £1000

Package 5 - £1000



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