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The true nature of the Mutiny Chronograph lays in the way you can personalise it. Meerson uses traditional manufacturing processes to build your watch around your tastes, and transform a timepiece that is very special into your meaningful heirloom. With the latest technology, the House involves the owner in the creative process, as the Mutiny has been engineered to reach a radical new level of customisation, unheard of at this price point. With the Mutiny Chronograph, you are invited to express your own sense of style on every single detail of the watch.

Bringing together the finest materials, cutting-edge technology and the unrivalled expertise of our craftspeople and artisans, we work with you to create a MEERSON watch that is as unique as you are. All you have to do is imagine it.



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Visualise your unique watch with the MEERSON App and make it truly your own


With this watch – as always – MEERSON cultivates its signature ‘Art in Detail’ and offers the skill of its team to personalise your watch, and bring your vision to life. Owners discover the watch’s unique silhouette online and reserve their production slot. And the adventure begins. First, with a personal appointment, in person or via the internet depending on location – the team travels regularly between London, Paris, New-York, Los Angeles and Miami.


Bespoke straps: pick the material you love from our extensive collection, or from your own wardrobe.




This session allows the owner to discuss their lifestyle and personal tastes, with the brand’s craftsmen at the touch of a finger. At this stage, you may wish to personalise subtle features such as the polishing, colour and engraving of the case, or the fabric and stitching on the strap. You can also make a bold statement by having a dial colour or pattern developed specially, or a coating applied to the hands. The exact strap fabric pattern or leather may also be picked to match an outfit or a mood – the straps are made to measure and easily interchangeable.

Later, the owners are invited to download the MEERSON App – to visualise their personal timepiece and track the progress of the manufacturing process. Cutting edge Augmented Reality will even bring the individual watch to life before it is manufactured.




Just a sample of the extensive personalisation options offered by Meerson:

  1. The Case: Stunningly polished steel, can be finished in different ways, as well as treated to a superb black shade. Special versions can be made to order in silver or even vermeil.
  2. The Dial: pick any colour, design a pattern or symbol. The chronograph sub-dials lend themselves beautifully to contrasts and patterns.
  3. The bespoke Straps: made to your exact measures: pick the leather or fabric you love, from our extensive selection or from your own wardrobe. Sign your style with matching or contrasted stitching.
  4. The Hands: they are subtle details, several colours are available, as further accents of your style.
  5. Engraving: each watch is individually numbered. Make your watch even more personal, by drawing a pattern on the case or designing a symbolic message in the case-back. Or keep it secret on the inside, as a locket.
  6. The travel pouch: personalise it to match the bespoke strap, and add the owners name or initials.

The Tokyo. An example of the level of personalisation available.






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