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Alexandre Meerson Mutiny collection | British luxury watches | Reimagining luxury for today | The Process

An array of Meerson strap samples



Designer Alexandre Meerson is fascinated by contrasts in shapes and textures. Touch and feel matter as much to him as colours.Leather is sourced from truly exclusive tanneries and offers our craftspeople an exquisite material to work with.

The connection between metal and leather is one of the most challenging applications of design – this is why we pay a particular attention to the finish of the case and use labour-intensive, highly-precise polishing techniques.




A bespoke dark jeans strap lends itself beautifully to this Mutiny Chronograph.


Hand-painting each dial to match your exact specification and create your personal colour requires world-class expertise. It takes a great eye for colour, painstaking precision and hours of meticulous craftsmanship to obtain the desired result.

Should you desire more than one colour on your dial, we can include a two-tone contrast, or even create a galvanic surface, in various textures and finishes. We can work to match the dial’s colour to almost anything, only limited by the thickness (as we need to remain within the size tolerances of the watch’s case).

But colour is only part of the story – our artisans can create truly unique finishes, patterns and paint effects.

An ADLC case is compliemnted with a Eternity black galvanic dial, finsihed with a guilloche imprint.






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ALEXANDRE MEERSON British luxury watches | The Mutiny Chronograph