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Alexandre Meerson Mutiny collection | British luxury watches | Reimagining luxury for today | The Process

Meerson watch straps are entirely made to measure, from our extensive range of leathers and fabrics.

Alexandre Meerson believes that creating true high fashion requires intimacy between the designer, the client and the artisan. This process opens endless opportunities to explore new territories - technology, textures, contrasts and shapes. It is very much the spirit of Haute Couture, and is incredibly modern and relevant today.

"I want to create the Haute Couture in watch making. As a designer, I have my own way to express an idea or a concept and translate it into an object of enduring beauty. I create luxury timepieces and accessories that sign a certain sense of style. They are respectful of the past, but they embody today and look at tomorrow.

Creating this intimacy with my clients is one of my ambitions – by re-opening the ‘Maison de Luxe’ of my youth, I hope to gain unique insight and inspiration for meaningful creations. Very early on, I discovered that nature and people were my primary sources of inspiration – the way they walk, speak, what they say (or don’t) and how their bodies express their feelings.

The collections I have created all have a purpose and a meaning. They convey a sense of time and space, and embody my style – simplicity and art in detail. They also express the contrast so important to me between strength and finesse." Alexandre Meerson. 

Alexandre Meerson British Luxury watches and accessories.





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