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Designer Alexandre Meerson was raised in France and owes to his father, Emerich Meerson, a passion for luxury watches and accessories, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He was initiated into the art of design and watchmaking between the family's studio in Paris and its workshop in Besançon. Whilst Alexandre Meerson later pursued a career on the other side of the business — for many years working for the world's most iconic Luxury and Couture brands — it is a lifetime of passion that brought him full circle in 2007 to start his eponymous brand.

Alexandre Meerson started a new chapter of the MEERSON history, adding his deep passion for the handmade and for craftsmanship and expertise in new technology. Alexandre has built the House of MEERSON on the ethos of practicing ‘Art in Detail’ – that is, the creation of timeless, subtle pieces that project effortless elegance at first, and reveal striking and meaningful details to the wearer over time.


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